Game Bird Bedding

Green Mile bedding is a popular choice for many established game farms around the country.

Supplying game bird bedding for over 10 years, our excellent reputation within the industry is something we are proud of. Providing a premium quality bedding direct to customers at a competitive rate.

Working closely with our customers to understand their requirements and making sure their order is completed for when they need it.


Pheasant - Game Bird Bedding

As a breeder nothing is more important than the welfare of your chicks.

Dust and disease are two of the biggest contributors to a high mortality rate so it’s critical you use a bedding that’s dust free and hygienic. Keeping the chicks warm is incredibly important so using a bedding with insulating properties can be key to their survival.

Game Bird Bedding

health iconClean and Free of Potential Health Risks

Green Mile bedding is made from brand new cardboard so free from any sort of contamination or mould spores. By using new cardboard we can also guarantee it being free from contamination such as food or chemicals.

Aspergillosis is the infection of the respiratory tract with various fungi, mainly of the Aspergillus family. Damp shavings and straw are particular sources.”  See source 

Wet or potentially mouldy cardboard will never enter our production line thus eliminating the risk of spores or other irritations to an animal’s airway.

warmth iconWarm and Insulating

Young chicks have a poor ability to maintain body temperature and are prone to hypothermia. Cardboard itself has excellent insulating properties which help to keep the chicks warm during those first important weeks. Chicks find it hard to move the bedding with their feet reducing the chances of exposing the cold floor beneath.

Rearing Farmabsorbency icon High Absorbency

The other key feature of any good bedding is the absorbency. Green Mile is the most absorbent bedding on the market. Soaking up any moisture produced by the chicks or water feeders. Liquid will pass through to the bottom layers where it will be quickly absorbed leaving the top layer nice and dry.

bio icon100% Biodegradable

Finally, disposal can be an issue for any rearing farms. A huge amount of waste is created each season and without proper management can also become a huge problem. Green Mile is 100% biodegradable and will rot away completely in 10 – 12 weeks. It can be spread directly onto the land which will aid with soil structure by putting fibre back into the soil.

Key benefits of Green Mile Cardboard Bedding

  • Made from brand new cardboard free from any contamination
  •  Almost completely dust free
  •  Recognised by vets as the most hygienic of bedding, highly suitable for Game Birds
  • Proven to be the most absorbent bedding available on the market
  •  Wrapped in durable plastic bags to protect from the environment
  •  Locks away the smell of ammonia
  •  Rots down in 8 – 12 weeks so reducing muck heaps
  •  Using Green Mile is environmentally responsible

With such a high demand for our bedding during the early part of the rearing season we highly recommend orders to be placed between December and April to guarantee delivery. Plenty of storage space? All our pallets are shrink wrapped and can be collected or delivered during February – April ready for use throughout the season.

Please visit our online shop or contact us on 01353 771238 to discuss quantities, prices and availability.