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Welcome to Green Mile Equine and Animal Bedding


Welcome to Green Mile Equine and Animal Bedding 


A brand instantly recognizable by its unique appearance making it the leading paper based bedding for horses and all other animals.


While often copied in design Green Mile has never been replicated in quality and still stands head and shoulders above the rest as a premium horse bedding you can count on.


If you’re looking for bedding material that’s the most absorbent, dust free and cost effective then you’ve come to the right place… Take a look at all the benefits and reasons why you should consider this superior product over other bedding products on the market today.


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Welcome to Green Mile Equine and Animal Bedding


   Highly Absorbent
Bedding can hold more than 10 times its own weight in liquid
Sourced from Sustainable Sources
Waste product from packaging industry
Free from Chemicals and Contamination
All board used is print free and comes direct from manufacturer
Totally Biodegradable
The soiled bedding can be spread on land, or mulched and breaks down within
8 – 12 weeks
Minimal Storage Space Required
Pallets are shrink-wrapped and top covered for safe storage outside
Cost Effective
Much more economical than traditional bedding products
Total Odour Control
Natural oils in the paper drastically remove the smell and effects of ammonia
Virtually Dust Free
All bedding is dust extracted during the manufacturing process
Easy to Handle
Bales come in durable plastic bags that can be easily carried and moved
Time Saving
Very easy to muck out and separate soiled bedding