The Company

Green Mile pioneered the idea of cutting highly absorbent cardboard into strips, providing a supportive Green-Mile_home page image 1bed free from the usual dust issues plaguing horses with COPD and other respiratory diseases.
With cardboard already marketed as alternative horse bedding throughout the industry, it was still in its infancy and lacked support.
This was mainly due to its existing design as small chips, which failed to gain popularity among the equestrian community.
Thankfully by using our contacts within the cardboard industry we secured a supply of clean unused waste board and recreated the product into strips, making a bedding that’s perfect in design like straw but also dust free and far more absorbent than any other horse bedding product on the market.

                                                                                             Horse Bedding

Horse BeddingHorse bedding has been the main focus of our business since the company was founded back in 2008. Soon realising what a great product we created it was important for us to seek approval from a local leading Equine Clinic, which we soon did. See here.
Green Mile horse bedding isn’t just dust free, it’s also easy to handle, warm and insulating providing the leading solution that’ll enable your horse the perfect night’s R&R.
And because Green Mile is 100% biodegradable it’s nurturing to the environment as well as your horse.
As a company we understand the nature of your horse and how important the right horse bedding is, therefore nothing is more inviting than the comfort of Green Mile Equine and Animal Bedding.

All the information regarding our product can be found here on this website.
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Please also see our terms and conditions before purchasing, they’re pretty standard but delivery of such a product always needs careful planning so double check if you’re unsure.
Providing excellent customer service is our priority and we want to make sure you have the perfect experience shopping with us today. Our staffs’ monitors all orders and you’ll always have someone to speak to during normal office hours, should you need to.